Hi! My name’s Amélie Lamont. I’m an independent product designer(d), writer, and creator based in Brooklyn, NY. Current projects include The Guide to Allyship and People of Craft.

I’m on a mission to help weary designers think about design beyond “make it pop”.

Why? Because we design (and ship) products that impact real people! (And people don’t care if it “pops”. Unless they’re in a Twerking 101 class, aoowww~)

Your favorite bearded and/or veteran design thought leader (lol) telling you how to do everything in your life.

Examining who gets to be a designer and unraveling the traditional definition of design.

In my writing, I explore these ideas at the intersection of design, culture, tech, and identity.

If you learn to think critically about design while considering others’ humanity, you can facilitate the sort of positive impact you wish existed instead of waiting.

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