a digital product designer(d) and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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    You better get your money

    YBGYM. Yes, I’m talking to you. I see you waffling. You’re unsure of why you should charge someone for your time. It’s time for me to give you some tough love.
  • “I’m new to tech...”

    This past Tuesday, we had the Good for PoC Launch event here in New York City and it was a blast. We had a fantastic panel of speakers and some great questions from the audience. One question I didn’t get to ask the panel “how can one break into tech?” Interestingly enough, this is something my friends and I talk about a lot.
  • Not a Black Chair

    I originally posted about this experience on Medium but was asked to make changes to the story.
  • Failing forward

    Growing up, I was a huge perfectionist. I needed to get straight As (because “Bs” on my report card obviously stood for “Blemish”, while “As” stood for “Awesome”). As an adult, I’m much better, but my perfectionism gets the best of me more often than I’d like to admit.
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    A stuck creative

    For me, being creative can sometimes feel trying. There are days when I don’t want to do anything. There are days when I think I’m not good enough. There are days when I worry about my work being seen. And there are days when all three of these emotions make me feel like Atlas.
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    Fear as water, fear as fuel

    It was the spring of 2006, and like all procrastinating seniors in high school, I nervously thumbed through college pamphlets. I was on the hunt for the perfect college. For me, perfect meant “good enough” for someone with “okay” SAT scores, “okay” grades, and “okay” extracurriculars. Oh, and it had to be as far away as possible from the terribly provincial New Jersey town I was cursed enough to reside in.